Sunday, 14 August 2011

Another non-mini post.........

A couple of weeks ago, at the end of our holidays, hubby was checking out details of a National Trust for Scotland property we intended to visit.   While hunting for this info he came across an item looking for Volunteers to help out.   Where were they looking for Volunteers I hear you ask?


I was quite excited, I can tell you although I'm the sort of person who can always find good reasons for NOT doing things but after thinking about it - it was just too good an opportunity to miss so I called, had an chat with them and received my first training yesterday.   

I will be helping out in the shop but I did have to confess to not having any retail experience - well except when I was 16, the till looked a bit like this and was called a Cash Register!

It's pretty exciting to be able to say that not only am I creating a 12th scale Gladstone's Land, I'm actually going to be there on a regular basis.

Hopefully in time there will be lots of little stories to share with you all.


  1. I think it's quite amazing that they should be looking for volunteers at Gladstone's! I hope you are pointing them in the direction of your blog Irene :)

  2. You'll have no excuse now for not getting your mini one right! He, he. ♥

  3. How fabulous! I am sure you will have lots of tales to tell and you will be inspired to work on your project at the same time.

    I know what you mean about cash registers are you sure you won't need a degree in computer science to work in this shop?!!!

  4. How wonderful! It'll give your project a whole new perspective getting to know the full size place so intimately.

  5. :-D
    I can only imagine your excitement!
    You have jumped at an opportunity really valuable (if you need another volunteer with much enthusiasm but little experience, I am here!) And you will breathe throughout the day the special atmosphere of that place ...
    You will be permeated by your dream!
    Wow ... how nice!
    Yesterday I took at the beach all the material that you sent me and I have legions of followers, illustrating the close of beach umbrellas, the many wonders of Scotland. I have no doubt have helped to encourage tourism :-)
    So your cash register will sizzle :-)
    A very special hug from Sardinia,

  6. omg! how exciting Irene!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D Linda x

  7. Oh how wonderful!! I visited Gladstone's Land last time I was in Edinburgh and it's such a magical building. I'm quite envious. And what a perfect way to research for your miniature version too! Judith x

  8. How Exciting, Irene! You will become Steeped in the place! And I'm SURE your mini-making will benefit from your close scrutiny of Everything Gladstone! Have Fun!

  9. I'm so glad for you, it's fantastic.
    I'm sure you'll have a great time.

  10. Never been in there must have a look next time I'm in Edinburgh.

  11. Thank you all for your encouragement with this new venture. Initially the position was for a relief person to cover those on holiday/off sick but now.........I have been given a permanent Wednesday slot so my ability with the till can't be that bad! It's just so exciting to be there on a regular basis - I feel I'm walking through my miniature and how often do people get to say that?



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