Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Green Room

Work has started at last on the Green Room.   The Green Room is the last of the original building's rooms - the other two I have in my Tenement will have to be conjured up from my imagination!

The Green Room in the original building moves history forward by 100 years but more of that in a later post.

This is where I'm at at the moment.   I've been putting this off for a while as it involved maths - not a strong point with me!   Once I got my act together and set to, it wasn't that bad.   I've also spent a fair amount of time on the computer looking for suitable bits of furniture.   I came across what I thought would be the perfect kneehole desk but at such an exhorbitant price, I've decided to have a go and make my own.   More on that later as well - by that I mean, a progress report if it works, nothing if it doesn't!

You can see what I'm aiming for here: The Green Room and scroll down to the third picture on the right.

My space measures 11" (27.9cms) x 11" (27.9cms) x 9" (22.9cms) so not a large area.    I'll live with this for a day or two until I satisfy myself that the proportions are correct and with that in mind, I've decided to concentrate on the back half of the room - from the fireplace down.


  1. Good luck with this new room!
    By the way we really need an umbrella in Glasgow... we had a great time with our cousins and it was great to show Glasgow to my nephew.

  2. Irene, this room will look stunning as always and looking forward to seeing your desk:)

  3. Dear Irene, I have long admired the green room: now I'm really curious to see how to make the atmosphere :-)
    As for the desk, I write you an email ...
    Exhausting day for me ...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  4. OOOHHH Irene, I AM looking forward to seeing this room develop! You are so good with the details.... this should be GREAT! (I almost Always find that those things I am putting off aren't as difficult as I thought they would be!) I can't wait to see what's next!

  5. It looks like you are off to a great start despite your mathematical insecurity. :D

    This is such a perfect property to do with so many different rooms.

  6. Hi irene,

    I'm sure the panelling will be brilliant. at least you won't have anyone coming round to smack your knuckles with a ruler if you get your sums wrong ha ha


  7. Hello, Irene! thanks for the comment on my blog! :))
    I went to see the green room of the site that you mentioned ... I am sure that despite the small space, you will be able to create the room perfectly, like all the others!
    a big hug from south Italy!



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