Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's been a long time coming...........

I've strayed away from miniatures with this post but felt it had to be recorded for posterity given how rare a sight this is.

I've been complaining about our weather.   Until recently it's been grey, wet and miserable.   Sickening since it's nearly the end of July.   It's only been about 2/3 weeks since we had thunder and lightening.

Even our week's break in beautiful Yorkshire had more than it's fair share of rain.   Rain, the sort that even the wipers couldn't cope with.

So, just to prove to everyone and anyone who's considering a holiday in Scotland.    Sometimes the sun shines and when it does, it's glorious.   Today is one of those days.   (This could be it, better make the most of it - ha ha).

So for you all - a blue, cloudless sky over Edinburgh - as rare as hens' teeth!


  1. Woww great! Thanks for showing it!
    kisses, Caterina

  2. I'm glad I did but I must have spoken too soon - it's pouring with rain today !

  3. How are you keeping 4 projects and 3 blogs going? I'd love to know. I live down the road (just in that other country) and am sorry to hear the weather is on the change. Looks like it's coming thisaway - back to the grindstone

  4. Fran - Hindsight is a wonderful and with it I'd have created just the one generic blog but I didn't - silly me! It just means I don't post as often as perhaps I should and I tend to work on just one property at a time then move to another while waiting on a delivery or inspiration. One property is almost complete which will reduce the number and I've a plan then to create a blog which will cover all my little properties. I just need to figure it out.

    It's nice to see you here and thank you for following.

  5. I like the different blogs for your different projects.:) It makes it easier to look back and see where it started. You are the one having to post though. :D

  6. We have had our fair share of rain down south too. When it's not raining the skies have been heavy with grey cloud keeping the heat trapped. Grey and wet or grey and hot.....not sure which is worse!!

    I am hoping for a Yorkshire heat wave in a couple of weeks.

  7. Hi Irene Living here on the southwest coast of Canada is just as unpredictable as your weather in Scotland. Here it is now 2013 and for the greater part of last year all we seemed to get was rain, rain and rain. I can be very depressing but fortunately, we have minis to keep us happily occupied until the blue breaks though.




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