Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Green Room

The actual green colour was discovered after scraping away 14 layers of paint and I've tried to get my green as close in shade to that shown in the original building.    (See the actual room in the real building here by scrolling down to the third picture: The Green Room).

The arched cupboard at the back displaying the blue and white china has been changed in real life since the photographs were taken and I'm going with what is there now - a two door cupboard with a peacock blue painted interior.  

There has also been a change to the fireplace and a mirror has been inset into the panelling above.  

Wall lights have also been added since the original RL photograph was taken.   The Candle Stand was made for me by Olde Charm Miniatures.

This is the "fourth wall" - the inside of the door.


  1. The room looks great Irene! I really like that green colour and the blue in the cupboard just pops. It works so well with the blue and white pieces. The fourth wall looks great as well, nice picture!

  2. Wow what a beautiful room.
    The bleu closet with the Chinese porcelain is pretty awesome.
    The room is so attractive and so neatly finished.
    I think it's really very very beautiful.

    Kind regards Alexandra.

  3. What a lovely period colour.

    I'm currently looking for a particular shade of blue paint for my next project... I know exactly what I'm looking for (a combination of periwinkle and cornflower) but can't find one which is just right :-(


  4. Hi Irene,

    the green is lovely and beautifully offset by blue porcilaine. The mirror and the lighting will look beautiful once lit.


    Fi xx

  5. Precioso!! el color de las paredes es muy bonito!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  6. Me encantan los tonos que has elegido.
    El espejo se vera genial con la iluminacion.
    besitos ascension

  7. LOVE IT! So great to see the Green Room finally green :)

  8. It looks so wonderful Irene!

  9. What a beautiful work! You did an excellent job. I love it.

  10. Hi Irene, this really isa beautiful room. I like the colour and the contrasting fire surround, and of course, as a big fan of blue and white china myself, I think the china cabinet is wonderful!!!

  11. Wow, Irene! That Cupboard Interior is Just GORGEOUS!!! The blue background looks Great with the blue and white china! And I love the shutters on the windows! The additions to the fireplace are wonderful as well! This room is looking Fabulous!

  12. Thank you. I still haven't started the desk yet though!

  13. The very idea that you had to scrape off 14 coats of paint it terrifies me, but I'm also happy because the result is nothing less fantastic!
    The whole project seems to me to great effect, the cultural heritage of Scotland has a new treasure :-)
    Mini lovely hugs

  14. Very beautifull color! the room looks very nice.
    Miniature greetings

  15. It may be a tenement but it looks better than my flat! This is really cute and so detailed!

    picture of the miniature living room in my flat



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