Monday, 9 April 2012


There has recently been some activity with The Tenement these past few days. I've now got the panelling in place (pics to follow soon) and I've been taking the time to track down artwork. Using the Guidebook to the real property it was easy enough to find the artists but it took a while to find the paintings themselves. The first two are identical to those in the building and the second two aren't (I couldn't find them) but they are by the same artist.

Domenicus van Tol (1635 - 1676)

This painting is described as "Woman removing nits from a child's head".   We just refer to her as "The Nit Picker"!

"A Winter Scene"
Klaes Molenaer (1630 - 1676)

"Landscape with Waterfall"
Jacob Ruisdael (1625 - 1682)

"After the Hunt" 
Karel du Jardin (1622 - 1678)

They were printed off onto linen paper to give a (hopefully) "painted on canvas" look to them.

The oil painted panel above the fireplace is by James Noire - an Edinburgh based eighteenth century painter (more on this later).    Again, I couldn't find an identical picture but it's of the same style and period.


  1. This building will be a real credit to your dedication to detail Irene! Isn't it amazing what they painted pictures of? ... the nit picker indeed! Judith x

  2. Lovely pictures Irene, and JH frames. I can't wait to see the panelled room.

  3. I like the paintings.
    Especially the winter scene.
    The picture frames are beautiful to.
    I am very curious about the result.

    Fine week, Greetings, Alexandra.

  4. Irene,

    these paintings are just lovely, I particularly love the winter scene too as well as the waterfall. What a beautiful selection.

    Fi xx

  5. Great selection of paintings Irene, are they all dutch/flemmish?

    I love the Nit Picker name!! LOL


    1. Yes, Andy, all Dutch. They're a bit gloomy for my taste (with the exception of the Nit Picker). I DO like that one.

  6. Lovely paintings, Irene! I admire your perseverance in trying to find the actual paintings they had in that room! I am looking forward to seeing them in place...!



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