Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Ghostly Tale..............

Once I used to stay in this fine Tenement
Worked hard for my silver for food and for rent
Times were hard and oft I was low
I worked you see, for the Darien Co.
But I look around now at how things once were
The press, the tapestry and fine oak carved chair
I remember too clearly at how I was feeling
When downstairs the wifie would bang on the ceiling
"Keep the noise doon, it's time ye were off
Ah've four hungry weans and yer spoilin' the broth"
Upstairs the judge lived with his lady wife
And he was the one who ended my life.
I robbed and I stole from the Darien Co
The company folded with nothing to show
In court the Judge told me, "Sir, you're a wreck,
You deserve to be flogged and then hung by the neck"
And so my life ended and I'm back to lament,
My life and my death in this fine Tenement. *

* Thanks to my sister Valerie for the prose X


  1. Thats so clever, it looks brilliant ;0
    julia xx

  2. Ooohh! A Haunted Tenement! Irene, that ghostly figure is a neat trick! I didn't know what he was doing there at first! Such a sad tale!

  3. Fabulous irene ,I love it !
    Happy hallowe'en
    julie xx

  4. Those were hard times!
    But fortunately, the ghosts are poetic figures and keep company ...
    You'll never be alone in the Tenement :-)

  5. Wonderful photo and text! And what a great idea!
    It mustn't have been easy to write the text in this style. Congratulations to your sister!

  6. This post is a work of art, Irene!!
    Ghosts in mini houses - now there's a thought!



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