Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Lawyer's Lodgings

As said previously, we don't know if a Lawyer took lodgings in the actual Gladstone's Land but for my purposes he has, as I have two rooms over and above the real life property.    This is the last full size room to be done.   The final room, a Cobbler, is in the attic space.

By way of some historical detail into life in a tenement, the richest tenants lived in the centre of the building where the finishes were of the finest.   Below that and you had to endure the smells of the street and above, you had more stairs to climb.   The quality of the panelling (as shown in the Green Room at the end of this post) were much finer and more detailed than those of the Lawyer's chambers.   I've tried to show this by not including the tiny rounded mouldings, making the panelling slightly heavier and using a less detailed cornice.

A few items in this room were handmade by me, namely the daybed, the desk and the fireplace.   The tri-corn hat was commissioned from the The Mini Milliner.
Remember this?   This was purchased from the York Fair in 2011 and I've been holding off showing the interior.......
until now!
The lovely detailed little documents were bought from Montserrat Folch
I came to the conclusion, when searching for suitable artwork for the period, that you can never go wrong with Hogarth!

This particular painting is "Sarah Malcolm in Prison" (1733).   A young Irish charwoman, was found guilty in one of the most sensational murder cases of 1733.   It hangs in the National Gallery for Scotland.
 The "fourth wall" of this room,
and how the room sits with the one beneath, The Green Room.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!




  1. Irene, the wigs are beautiful. I love the open chest with all the "lawyer" gear. Great room!

  2. Mi piace molto quello che hai fatto in questa stanza. Mi piace il colore della boiserie. Ti auguro un buon fine 2013, Irene!

  3. Beautiful! Somebody's been watching a lot of "Garrow's Law"!

  4. I love that daybed and the lawyer's wig. Amazing detail! So well researched! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year, Irene!

  5. Beautiful room, I love the style and all the details!

  6. I love this project of yours Irene. I love all the research you have done to make it authentic, and it shows!
    All details are wonderful, but that coffer with the wig and the books is great!

  7. As always perfect down to every small detail. Love the Lawyers Desk and accessories and at last we get to see what's in the trunk, Another Superb Room Irene....Love it!

  8. Hi Irene! I think that I this finished room is quite Wonderful! Saving that trunk for last is the cherry on the Ice Cream! The contents of it, and the room over all is beautifully presented. I don't know how you could be so patient to wait over 2 years to disclose what was inside, that trunk. I would have been bursting at the seams with all those secret delights contained inside! I love the wig and the books and also the portrait hanging over the mantle. Absolutely the Perfect way to dress that wall! Brilliant!:D
    Have a Very Happy New Years, Irene.


  9. Happy New Year, Irene!!!
    Your chest with the barrister's wig is awesome! I think it is perfect for this room.... as are the furnishings you made! The daybed is very impressive.... and I LOVE the hinged window shutters!!! I hope you are going to show the cobbler's room too?
    (I am a little impatient!)
    You are so good at finding and making exactly the right items for your rooms!!!
    May your New Year be filled with blessings and Creativity!!!

  10. Happy New Year. I send my best wishes to you and your family x

  11. Irene happy New Year. I think I need to buy a new dictionary as I've run out of words :) the room is simply stunning and I love the trunk with the barrister wig, etc. I have been going through this room this morning and keep seeing something new :)

  12. Hi Irene,Terrific space . Reminds me of a Garrow's Law set. The case with the wig and books is fantastic. I bet you were so excited when you purchased it.
    Wonderful to see your progress on the Tenement . Yes your choice of painting is perfect too.
    Regards Janine

  13. I love all the details in this room, you've researched it so well and the fact you made so many things for it is inspirational!!

  14. Un trabajo precioso y el resultado impresionante. Me ha gustado mucho. Felicidades
    Un abrazo

  15. The lawyers wigs are magnificent! Really detailed. Thanks for sharing.



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