Thursday, 28 November 2013

York Fair

I've been desperate for this fair for ages and kept putting off purchasing bits as I knew this trip was imminent.   I was not disappointed and I managed to get everything I needed to complete my Lawyer's Lodgings - along with other necessities for my other projects.
There's the long awaited fabric, two glasses of red wine and a magnifying glass.
The baby walker is destined for the Painted Chamber and the pliers........well, there was a bit of a debate regarding the pliers.   They're beautifully made and I had the Cobbler in mind when I saw them but wasn't 100% sure if pliers were actually around in the 18th Century and no way of doing a quick Google to check.   In the end, the vendor and I decided that they were around (in Edinburgh at least, if not anywhere else!) so he got a sale and I got the pliers.
It turns out that yes, pliers were around so I'm pretty chuffed with those.
The visit to this fair was combined with some Christmas Shopping so all in all, I had a great weekend.
All that remains for me to do now is make the curtains and I will have another completed room.


  1. You got beautiful things, the pliers are exceptional.

  2. I cant wait to see how the curtains turn out :)


  3. Hi Irene! I agree with Genevieve; the pliers are truly wonderful and what a great detail to add to your scene!


  4. Lovely details!!! Those pliers are Awesome! You are the most disciplined shopper I have ever "known", Irene! I look forward to seeing the updated rooms!!!



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