Sunday, 3 November 2013

The "Gled"

It's the end of the season for the Volunteers at Gladstone's Land.   The property closed on Thursday for the purposes of deep cleaning and conservation and will re-open next April.
Sad to say, some ignorant ************ removed the claw and mouse from the very prominent and distinctive hawk (gled) displayed outside the building.*

It's going to cost an awful lot of money to replace.
What, I ask myself, was the point of that?

I'm on a mission to find a similar looking bird for the outside of my Tenement.   Roll on the York Fair at the end of the month!

*Thanks to Beate (a fellow miniaturist from Germany) for the use of her photo.


  1. Hi Irene, such a shame about the eagle. I cant imagine how they got up there without being seen. The lawyer room is going to be wonderful. I love what you have done with the fireplace. A lot of work but well worth it. I checked out pics of Gladstones Land and it would be a wonderful place to visit. I love all the old architecture in Scotland. I would love to visit someday.

  2. it's mindless what some people will do.

  3. Hi Irene! That is very disturbing... to have a part of the sculpture removed... stolen in fact!! Hard to imagine what they thought they were doing!
    I hope that the end of Volunteer season means more time available for you to work on your miniatures! I look forward to seeing what you get at the York fair!!!

  4. Ugh! Who would do such a despicable thing? (Probably the same dolt who last summer snapped off the hand of a statue in Italy). Hope you find a suitable gled for the Tenement at York!


  5. Sigh. I don't know what posesses people sometimes. Whether they have a brain at all...
    Have fun at the fair, and I hope you\ll find the bird you want!

  6. Words fail me! I just don't understand the mentality of people who do things such as this...

  7. Oh Irene! How very sad and disappointing. There are some pathetic people in the world!

  8. When you are involved in a hobby such as ours in which construction and not destruction is the order of the day, then it comes as a great shock that 'seek and destroy' is how some others, get their kicks. A few years ago, some random lads decided to uproot a STOP SIGN that was cemented into the ground just at the corner of my street, and then they proceeded to lay it out across the road so any passing motorist would accidentally drive into it! There are SOME people in this world who act and behave badly- just because they can.
    ( I think they need a New Hobby)


  9. When teaching and occasionally asking (usually in some state of shock) "Why did you do that?" The response was often - "Why not?" How do you get to understand a mind-set like that?



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