Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Bureau.

This little bureau has been finished for a while now and I'm thinking about contents for it. It was an easy kit to put together and certainly looks the part. Just what I need for the Green Room.

I should really get going with the panelling for this room but to be honest, I haven't got very far apart from playing with the graph paper.   My fear is I get to the creating stage and find out the sums are wrong with the result I'm going over and over and over it!    I'm getting fed up with myself doing this.   At some point I'm going to have to knuckle under and get it done.


  1. It looks great Irene! A lovely colour. I can't wait to see the panelling...

  2. These kits are so good!
    Looks like there is an panelling epidemic going on ;) I just finished routing a whole bunch of wood to use on my panelling.

  3. Hi Irene, no stranger to these kits myself, I have used several and got two for Christmas, and they are still in their boxes! I agree they are fairly easy to assemble, and they look good when complete too! It will look good in your green room, looking forward to seeing more soon!!

    Andy x

  4. Hi Irene, It is very interesting to see the readily available kits made up and how people change them. I look forward to seeing it in situ.
    Nice to see what you are doing from time to time.
    Regards Janine,

  5. the pieces with moving parts are the ones i remember most fondly



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