Monday, 28 November 2011

York Fair

First of all, I'd like to give a warm welcome to all my new followers. I've very pleased to have you here and I hope you like what you see.

I was at the York fair yesterday. In view of the way the trains work out on a Sunday, I have to travel down on the Saturday and stay overnight. It was a fantastic day and I met up with lots of mini friends. I didn't spend all the budget and there were a few items on the list that I didn't manage to get but all in all - a very good weekend.

All these items are for my new Green Room - a light fitting, some blue and white ware and bun feet for a desk I've yet to make.

The above item is what I would consider to be my best purchase of the day. It's for a future room in The Tenement and all will be revealed at a later date!


  1. Like the plates and vase, blue and white are my first choise when it comes to china too!

  2. Great buys! Real life is conspiring against me as the last few York Fairs I haven't been able to get to, but it's a great day out.

  3. I LOVE the china! Now we must WAIT to find out the future project? The suspense is too much!

  4. You got some lovely items Irene:) Wish I had been able to go

  5. Thank you everyone. Chelle and My Wee Life - it's a pity you didn't get the chance to go to the fair, it would have been so nice to meet you both in person.

    I've been shying away from the panelling in The Green Room but it'll get worked out and put in place soon - it's just too easy to get out and work on another little kit!

  6. Hello Irene, how are you? I should hope so!
    I send my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!
    kisses and Merry Christmas!



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