Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Dutch Cabinet

While my sister Valerie has been busy doing her "Michael Angelo" with the ceiling in the Painted Chamber - I have not been idle - Oh no!

Given the amount of floor space I have I wasn't able to find a cabinet shallow enough to stand against the right hand wall, so.............I made one.

It's probably half an inch (1.27cm) smaller in depth than a bought one and does the job perfectly. It wasn't as difficult to do as I first thought (not like some ideas that end up unseen) and I'm pleased with the finished result.

The real cabinet is not original to the house but of the correct period (mid-seventeenth century). The story behind it is this - it was probably made in the Netherlands and was given to a merchant in a local fishing village by a Dutch sea captain who had been rescued when his ship was wrecked.

You can see the real one to the right of the picture here: The Painted Chamber


  1. Wow Irene. I love the way you just state...."I made one" like you are talking about a shelf or something!
    This is an amazing piece and certainly compliments the ceiling.

  2. Irene es un fantastico trabajo, te ha quedado de maravilla!!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. The cabinet looks great, Irene! Seems like it will fit perfectly!

  4. Looks lovely, as did last night's ceiling by your sister. Wish I had a sister to help me out. I tried to post last night but Blogger is messing me about at the moment :-( Well done, it looks great.

  5. Incredible and perfect!

  6. Wow! Irene, I seem to say that a lot around here! You have made a fantastic "skinny" cabinet! This room is really going to look great!

  7. Dear Irene, I see that you do not give up at nothing!
    This cabinet is stunning and highlights all your skills :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  8. You should be pleased with the result of your finished cabinet. It's absolutely amazing and you should be proud of yourself.



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