Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Back from NEC

I attended the Spring Miniatura at NEC in Birmingham this weekend.   Travelled down on the Saturday, fair on the Sunday and back home on the Monday.   Boy, did I have a great time!

There aren't a great many miniature fairs here in Edinburgh and when there are, they're relatively small so when the opportunity comes to visit Miniatura, I take full advantage and this is what I purchased for The Tenement.

I forgot to check with the exhibitors I purchased from if it was ok to blog their links so I haven't but if anyone wants to know who I purchased from, please ask.

With the exception of the ledgers, scrolls and shoes (did you notice there's a "left" and "right" - how cool is that?) all other items are for the Painted Chamber so hopefully I'll have an update on that to show you all soon.


  1. Me alegro que lo hayas pasado bien en la feria.
    Has hecho unas compras fantasticas!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. OK, I'm officially in love with those shoes!! And the ledger, and the scroll, and the blue and white china . . .

  3. You have wonderful blogs, I enjoy much look your miniatures are so elegant! I'm following in each of them, your art inspires me to do pretty things too, thank you!



  4. neat finds Irene. I love those little shoes and I have never worked with lites like that I must try those. Happy creating.

  5. A lovely choice Irene, perfect for your project. Ah, LED's I love them!!
    I also like to have a good look at everything to get ideas and maybe solve a problem. I looked on a stand that had the perfect solution for my cages in the Magical Menagerie which was hugely helpful.

  6. Wow, And MORE treasures! Divide and conquer! You have found some really superb treasures! Those shoes are amazing!! I'm looking forward to seeing them in situ!

  7. What wonderful finds - the shoes are amazing! I couldnt' go but there's always next time!

  8. I love seeing your purchases. The shoes are incredible.

  9. Thank you for your nice comments everyone.

    Glenda - I actually need three pieces of the blue and white china but I didn't want to go too mad with the spending at the beginning. If I'd known I had funds left at the end, I'd have just purchased them.

    Janice - the LED lights are a new thing to me so I may be calling for help if they don't behave the way I want them to!



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