Saturday, 18 September 2010

Let there be light!

Given the period of The Tenement there are quite a few items I am unable to purchase. It's later than Tudor but not as grand as Queen Anne so inevitably I've had to create some things myself. One of those things was a light fitting. Nothing I'd seen remotely resembled the original and it had to be of that specific style. So this is how I did it.............

This item only needs three components. A roll of electrical solder, coffee stirrers and two bulb fitments with wires attached.

Using a picture of the original as a guide, I cut and glued the stirrer into the required shape then cut the solder into the relevant sized pieces. This is quite easy to do. It was then just a matter of shaping the pieces to resemble the twirls and swirls in the picture. They were glued to the frame with Super Glue. I also added a tiny little shelf affair to hold the bulbs. The whole assembled piece was then sprayed matt black.

When dry I made two little holes in the shelf to take the light fittings. These are not glued in (just in case!) but they stand up quite well by themselves. I then used a black marker to give the effect of them being in a little holder.

A plug on the wires, and there you have it - one light fitting!


  1. The light fixture came out fantastic!!! I am happy to see it as I am in the process of building the "Crooked House" by Rik Pierce and have been thinking about making my own light fixtures. Your post is very inspiring!!!

  2. What a beautiful light fitting! it looks excellent in situ, Irene!
    Why are modern light fittings so soul-less?
    Sometimes it's fun to make your own minis - I recently made a wooden side table (my first wooden project) and though it's not perfect I still get a little warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction when I see it.

  3. How clever Irene - I like the idea of using solder instead of wire because it's so easy to bend into shape but I'd never thought of it. The finished product is fantastic.

  4. Thanks Irene! You are so creative! I am trying to design old fashioned lighting for my Castle Dollhouse and am having trouble deciding whether to do candle holders or torches! Your little fixture is lovely!

  5. Hi Irene,

    that's exactly what the real one is like! Good on you for making your own. And you've saved a few pennies too.


  6. You've been very busy lately, and here is another great miniature. It's perfect.

  7. Gracias por enseñar tu trabajo y tu paso a paso de como conseguirlo. Está genial.
    Besos Clara

  8. Big round of applause for you, it's great!
    Always fun to see someone recreate reality from scratch.

    groetjes Evelien

  9. Irene, that's just wonderful! It looks just like wrought iron ... Brava :)

  10. Thanks you all for your lovely comments. It was a lot less difficult to do than I first thought. In fact, I put of making the light for a while because I felt a bit intimidated by it but once I got started, it all just fell into place.



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