Thursday, 12 August 2010

I'm trying very hard to keep true to the original building and furnishings which means spending ages scouring the internet for suitable pieces. It quickly became clear that, while I could get a variety of ladderback chairs of the correct period, I couldn't find any with the vertical spars that matched up with what I was looking for so..............I went back to the very nice people at Ashwood Designs and asked if they could produce what I was looking for. A couple of emails and a photo later resulted in these wonderful little chairs. I am so pleased with them and they're exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Susan.

(Ashwood are so pleased with them too that they've added them to their range).

All they need now are little tapestry seat pads to finish them off.


  1. I'm glad you found someone to make what you wanted - the chairs are excellent!!

  2. how wonderful! the chairs are perfect! but, also, the tapestry is beautiful!
    in my blog is my first give away, you want to participate? kisses, Caterina

  3. The chairs are beautiful. I still find it hard to believe that it is a miniature house!

  4. Hello Irene, thanks for being passed by my blog and signing up among my followers!
    I'm happy to read your blog, reminds me of Edinburgh, the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe!
    mini hugs, Caterina

  5. This is a beautiful story. It shows that collecting is not only a shelfish activity, it is also sharing.

  6. What marvellous chairs, and how well they look with your marquetry piece :)



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