Monday, 5 July 2010

The Little Chamber

Work has started on the Little Chamber. I'd been looking for a piece of furniture I could adapt as a marquetry cabinet and this is what I've come up with. The top section originally had three drawers but by doing away with them and using the drawer bases supplied, I made a couple of doors - which, I hasten to add, do not open. I'm a beginner at putting together my own furniture and the thought of those tiny hinges and even tinier pins was just too much! A bit of marquetry and several coats of varnish created this.

I'm now on the look out for another cupboard, two suitable chairs and a rug. I'll also be having a go at making a light fitting which should be an interesting project as I've never made one of those before. Watch this space!


  1. It already is so pretty! Hope to see more soon!:)

  2. It's looking really nice and I really like your cupboard, can't wait to see more :0)
    Julia x

  3. It's looking wonderful, love the fireplace and the cabinet looks fab in the room :)

  4. Ooh the cupboard is great! When can I move in?

  5. This is really successful, Irene. I adore it. Would you be willing to share some pointers about how you did the work?

    It reminds me strongly of a miniature William and Mary chest I was looking at today (coincidentally) by Chris Malcomson:

    The 1800 GBP price tag made me gasp, but it's amazing. I think yours is just as effective, though.

  6. 當一個人內心能容納兩樣相互衝突的東西,這個人便開始變得有價值了。............................................................

  7. Well done on the cabinet makeover!! It looks perfect!
    The room is already so satisfying to 'enter' - you have a magic touch, Irene!

  8. Esta escena tiene pinta de quedar muy bonita.
    Un saludo



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