Sunday, 27 June 2010

Toasty Toes!

This little footwarmer is a copy of an early Eighteenth Century one and I used the guide book from the original property as a reference. The little metal trimmings were just taken from a pair of earrings. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.


  1. Irene, That looks beautiful! I could wish I had one of those in my real world come wintertime! I've been to Scotland in the winter a time or two so I know you know what I mean! That and hot water bottles for bedtime make life lovely! I love how your tenement kitchen looks too!

  2. It is gorgeous, I wouldn't have thought it was to warm feet. I didn't know it exists.
    Like daydreamer I know that winter in Scotland can be cold. I remember the eletric blanket and the big number of blankets I had on my bed, just a detail there was no heating in the bedroom, but I enjoyed the coal fire in the living room

  3. It's not only practical, but it's beautiful! Did they fill it with hot coals?

  4. Irene, when I was in Edinburgh 17 years ago, was the month of August .. Well, I was wearing a flannel shirt, a sweater and a windbreaker, and I was cold!! imagine what winter warmth and relief should be given a foot warmers ... would be dangerous, however, perhaps that is the question that they have invented a hot water bottle?
    congratulations for your excellent work!
    kisses, Caterina

  5. It's beautiful, Irene - I have a collection of various paintings of lacemakers, and some of them have little footwarmers under their long dresses. Necessary in draughty houses!

  6. It's great! You are coming up with some very interesting items Irene.

  7. Thank you everyone. I keep saying I don't make minis and then I post a pic of something I've made so I suppose I should stop saying that but I only do things I'm pretty confident will work! I'm still very much a beginner with the handmade items.

    Yes, Nina - they put hot coals in them.

  8. Its lovely Irene, I bet they were much needed in those days, brrrrr, I can imagine some pretty chilly winters pre central heating !!
    julie xx



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