Saturday, 12 June 2010

Scottish Miniatura

I'm not long back from the Scottish Miniatura and had to let you all see the goodies I came back with.

The barrel and flagon are for the Cloth Merchant's Booth, the utensils and plate with bread and cheese are for the Kitchen and the candlesticks and wine are for elsewhere.

This fire and fireback has to be the best purchase of the day. That, along with the utensils pictured above, came from Sussex Crafts. It's a perfect match for the original in the Study/Little Chamber that I'm working on at the moment.


  1. The fire is indeed perfect Irene ,a great buy
    julie xxx

  2. Such lovely items!
    It must be fun to go to a fair in what I call 'David Edwards Land' - I yearn to see more of his work, and the work of the craftspeople who make the type of minis which grace your settings. Envy galore here from the other side of the world!

  3. The fireplace is very realistic.

  4. Absolutely wonderful buys! I love them all, but especially the pewter candlesticks and the utensils. That barrel is the best looking mini barrel I've ever seen, and the fire looks fabulous, too. What a good day!

  5. Just had to pop back and say thank you for the link to Sussex Crafts. You have the best sources, and it's so lovely of you to share. I was there about two minutes and I already have a wish list :)

  6. 精彩的部落格 值得一推再推 支持你 ........................................

  7. Hello Irene, I love your project!
    I have been to see Edinburgh about 17 years ago, and I found that I liked much more, of London!
    I visited the old town and the park, and I also saw the show traditional, inside the castle, wonderful! I still hear the celestial music of the bagpipes ...
    if I follow your blog I seem to go back there ...
    a kiss from far away Italy! Caterina

  8. Wonderful miniartures! The fireplace and fireback are perfect. Seeing everything makes me go back in time.



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