Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Kitchen

This is the Kitchen in The Tenement. The walls are made from foamboard, covered in Pollyfilla (with a dollop of pva) then painted. The door was a standard Georgian style but I covered it with iron-on flooring. The stonework round the fire place is done using a stencil and stone compund and the flagstones were laid out on a template, stuck down and grout added. The shelf at the back is made with balsa wood with balso wood brackets. If you click on the inspirational picture of Gladstone's Land to the right, scroll down and you'll see what I'm aiming for with this.

I'm pleased with the way my pot actually managed to hang! I found that spraying the bit of chain actually stiffened it, making it easier to place the hook.

I see we have an unwelcome visitor!

Here is a close up of the spoon rack I purchased from Miniatura in March. The spoons are removable. It was made by Tony Knott.


  1. Oh my heavens. It's all so perfectly beautiful! I particularly love the door and the floor. The spoon rack is such a find -- you must have been so happy when you spotted it!

  2. Que maravilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me he dado cuenta que tienes la visita de un pequeñin jejejeje
    El suelo de la cocina esta genial, la chimenea con la olla, me encanta, pero sobre todo que explicas como lo has hecho.
    besitos ascension

  3. Irene, your kitchen looks fabulous!! You've been really busy. It all looks great and so realistic. x

  4. You are full of ideas concerning building. The result is perfect, I love the walls, the floor and fireplace. Is it not too difficult to try to create something that already exist in real size ? Anyway you manage it very well. Great work !
    Thank you for your kind comment, This weekend I managed to work on my gypsy caravan, I am pleased. However I would like to do a bit more before showing it.

  5. Hi Irene,

    Kitchen looks amazing. The flooring looks so realistic. Is that mouse after the porridge? Remind him not to stir it anti clockwise when he finds it.


  6. Everything looks so great!!!! Nice work :D

  7. It is wonderful...the mouse is a great touch :-)

    I love the spoon rack.

  8. Irene, I am in awe of what you are doing - it is so very satisfying to 'wander' through your settings! You have the eye of an artist.

  9. You have done a great job, Irene! Although I didn't really understand iron-on flooring Do they really have iron-on flooring? Wow! The flagstones are perfectly laid, not a grout out of place! :)

    You have done really well!

  10. Thank you everyone. I'm having such a good time doing this project. Some days I'd rather do this than work!

    Genevieve - doing a project that already exists is quite good really! I don't have to think about decor, what to buy or where to put things. The fun bit is hunting down an item and trying to get it as near to (if not exactly) the same as the original. I've managed to do that with a painting that will appear in another room. I was thrilled to bits when I discovered it. Anything else, even although it would be by the same artist, would have been second best. I'm pleased you like it.

    Sans - We can buy iron on flooring on a roll over here. It has a wood finish on one side and adhesive on the other. A template is made and the flooring cut in strips to the required size. It's laid like floorboards using a warm iron. The surface can then be varnished, waxed or painted.

  11. Beutiful Kitchen! I just love the door and all the nice details. Thank for telling us how you did it. You made a great job!


  12. Even in this stage I can see this is a beautiful kitchen. I love the flooring. I noticed you are very smart in stone imitating!



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