Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Kitchen

I've moved out of the Cloth Merchant's Booth and into the Kitchen. I'm hoping to pick up lots of accessories from Miniatura in less than two weeks time and will be able to finish off the Booth then. In the meantime, I've started with the hearth.

I used foamboard to create the shape and stone compound and stencil for the stonework round the edge. The rough finish to the walls is created by mixing pva and filler. I've taken the photographs at this stage showing the detail as, once it's in place, it may be difficult to get a clear shot.

If you click on the picture of "Gladstone's Land" to the right and scroll down, you'll see what I'm hopefully trying to achieve with this room.


  1. Wow I looked at Gladstone's land, it looks great. It's going to be fun to follow the project!
    Synnøve :)

  2. I agree with Synnøve :0) I´m really exited to see the room progress. The bed looks fabulous, are you going to make it yourself or?

  3. The hearth looks really great. Difficult to imagine you didn't use stones.

  4. Thanks girls for you nice comments. No, Annie, I've bought the bed! I will be dressing it myself though.

  5. It looks really good - very nice "stones".
    You did a great job!

    Eva J

  6. That is so great, looks very real!

  7. Nice to see your blog!! The kitchen looks great and so real!



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