Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Cloth Merchant's Booth

This is the Cloth Merchant's Booth, or at least it will be eventually. Although I've been doing some work on this, any visible progress is slow. The doorway on the back wall will reveal what is the Inner Hall. I've created an extra area at the back here (which is still to be fitted) to give more depth and the flooring will lead straight through. I'm waiting on a license from an organisation to use one of their photographs in this space but nothing's turned up yet. The right hand wall is planked with wood (which is all ready to fit). The left hand side and the back wall will have the impression of being plastered. The wooden floor is also ready to be fitted.

Unfortunately I can't get on with any of that because I don't have enough beams for the ceiling, which has to go in first. I know if I was really, really keen I could whittle away and create my own but as I don't have the necessary wood for that either it seemed to make more sense just to buy them. Once they've been delivered I should make some headway.

If you click on the photograph of "Gladstone's Land" to the right and scroll down, you'll see the finished effect I'm after. The Merchant of the time is named as John Riddoch


  1. Hi Irene,

    This is looking great - you're really capturing the atmosphere of the place. I'm enjoying watching it all come together. Good luck with your beams!


  2. Hola!!!!!!!!!Me encanta tu trabajo, seguro que te quedara genial,enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  3. I'm sure it will all be worth the wait ...

  4. It looks promising. You have some really interesting stuff.



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