Sunday, 3 January 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

I haven't done as much mini-ing as I'd hoped this holiday but I did get round to making an A frame table, shelves and a peg rail for the Cloth Merchant's shop. I was going to buy these items but when I saw how simple they were, I decided to have a go myself - something I don't usually do.

Far back in the mists of time, the top of these A frame tables was referred to as a "board", the idea being the top was lifted off and the trestles removed and stored elsewhere. Also around that time it was usual for only the Master of the household to be seated on a chair (the others would sit on upturned boxes, barrels or stools). It is from this arrangement that derives the phrase "the Chairman of the Board".

Another tale I picked up while researching the period relating to this style of table tells that after the meal the board could be turned over to create a clean surface for the next meal. Meanwhile the dogs would come along and lick the underside clean - just how true that story is remains to be seen!


  1. Hi there,

    well done on the furniture making - it looks great - very authentic. I like the tale of the flipside table for the dogs to clean. How very health and safety!


  2. Very nice work, Irene, and thanks for the stories too!

  3. Cute table...and you made it yourself...awesome! The world of miniatures is so facinating. Interesting info about the history of this piece. Don't think I'd like eating where the dogs might have been licking, though. LOL

  4. I've just been reading your blog from the begining and the coincidences just keep on coming!
    I actually went to Moray House way back in the 70's and spent lots of time in and around the Royal Mile for three years. One of the faculty buildings was called Gladstone's Land.
    I love your tenement and look forward to following its progress.

  5. Susan (BNOTP). It's nice to see you here. Maybe one day you'll take another look at that dolls house you have and see it with different eyes. Our interests are slightly different here but we have CREATIVITY in common!

    Sandra - Small world, eh? Were you aware that Cromwell stayed In Moray House in 1648 and the Treaty of Union should have been signed there in 1707 but such were the riots in the streets that the venue was moved to a cellar in the High Street? I love all that stuff - stick with me, there may be more!

  6. Thanks for sharing not just your minis, but also your research. I love reading this kind of thing - and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the dog 'story' is true, after all it's only in quite recent times that we have come to understand about bacteria.



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