Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I have a quest..........

I've been working on the roof of the Tenement today and I'm on a quest to find one of these:

Thistle Pictures, Images and Photos

If you look at the first photo there are two finials, a thistle and a fleur de lys. I'm not sure of any story behind them but I'm assuming they relate to the fact that Mary Queen of Scots (her mother was Marie de Guise and her father, James V of Scotland) spent her early years in France. While the actual building has two attic windows, I only have one so for obvious reasons I've decided to go with the thistle finial but I can't find anything to do the job in the correct scale. I've been getting some peculiar looks from assistants in tourist shops when I ask if they have anything suitable for "my project"!

It's my intention to cover it in the stone compound used for the main body of the building before putting it in place.


  1. Hi Irene,

    The tenemnet is coming along great. Love the idea of the finial on the top to match the original features of the building. I'm sure you will find something suitable for the purpose, you have a knack of finding just the right items for your needs. Well done.

  2. Love the stonework, and all the 'soot' - not easy to get the 'grunge' just right - well done, looking forward to watching this project.



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